My Story fotka

“Will I regret it in future if I don’t do this?” I was asking myself when deciding whether to move from Czech Republic to Italy with my partner. The answer was YES. If I don’t go, I might regret it in future.

I finished master degree in Marketing & Economics. I was at the beginning of my career, thinking I will be working in Marketing in a corporate world. Well, that didn’t happen. And my life started to change massively.

I left behind my job, my friends, my family and all what people could call stability.  I was scared, I had no idea what’s going to be happening in my life. But still I was trusting my intuition, that this is the right decision.

In 2014 I moved with my partner to Italy,  I didn’t know the language, I had barely some savings. I was struggling to find a job I’d like for a few months. I’ve done all I could. And it wasn’t still working.

I started to be annoyed by all the situation. And I said to myself:

“ If I can’t find the job, what if I created it?”


During this period I went searching. I dug deep into myself and I was asking myself:

“What do I want to be really doing in my life? What am I passionate about?”

I  went on an internal adventure and discovery. I immersed myself in growth. Went through coaching and personal development programs, studied holistic nutrition, practiced meditation, did Vipassana, went through healing of my childhood and teenage woundings.

From Italy my journey continued to London, then to African Uganda, Greece and then back to my home country Czech Republic to Prague where I’m based right now.


At the beginning of my self-employed journey I was coaching people in area of weight loss and fitness. Then as I was learning, and growing more by myself and having more experience I was able to help people with more complicated challenges of their lives.

It took me 3 years to go from the decision of working for myself to having full time business allowing me to live the lifestyle I want.


My journey was filled with countless changes. Change of life-styles, changes of countries and continents, changes of work, change of business focus, break up with long-term partner, and then meeting man of my life. All connected with absolute financial uncertainty.


And all of that was worthy.

Thanks to the journey and all the challenges, I am the powerful passionate woman living her dreams.

Today I’m working with women who want to transition from job into an online business.
I am helping them to f
ind out exactly what to do in their future online business – get clarity and concrete direction. And I am teaching them how to overcome your fears, doubts & insecurities.


Thanks to my life journey I know what it is like to be doubting myself, not being sure If i can make it. Feeling lost, overwhelmed and stressed. I know how it feels to be scared of change, fearing failure and having absolutely no clarity about what I want and what to do.

And these are the exact topics I am helping women with. I am using different tools and techniques working with mind and also body (coaching, somatic coaching, focusing, mentoring).

If I take the essence of what is important for me, what guides me and what I believe in – It would be in the following words:

Love, honesty, happiness & spark of craziness. Live fully, be in your power, do what you love. Live in the way that you don’t have to regret anything you haven’t done.