» 3 biggest mental blocks stopping people from manifesting their dreams

I have been a lot focusing on the area of mental blocks/ limiting beliefs / patterns/ ways of thinking. I am helping people to discover their unconscious blocks, break them and then create a passion driven life.

What’s holding people back are most of the time some woundings from the past. Mostly commonly from childhood. There is plenty of blocks – but I think it’s possible to put them all into 3 categories. The most common is the belief: I am not good enough. I think that every person had at some point of his life this thought/belief. It just depends if we do something about it or if we let it run out life.

1. I am not good enough

You are sometimes feeling like “I am not good enough”, “I am not sure if I can make this.” You are not feeling confident enough. You are afraid to make a mistake and fail. You are doubting yourself, your abilities and what you can do and achieve. You are not sure if you can achieve your goals and dreams.

 2. I am alone – I am not supported (I am not loved)

You are sometimes feeling like you don’t have the support from people you like. Your relationships (love, friends, family, work) are not working the best. You feel sometimes alone and not supported, not appreciated, not liked. You are not sure if you can achieve what you want in life, if you don’t have the support from people.

3. Other people come first – People pleasing

You feel sometimes that people don’t appreciate what you do. Almost like people are crossing your boundaries and using you. You are thinking first about others  needs (partner, friends, kids, parents) and how you can help them. And only after that about your needs. If you put yourself first you would feel you are selfish. You feel like you come second. Other people deserve to come first. And at some level if you are really honest with yourself you want to help others because you want them to like you, appreciate you.

Can you find yourself in any of these 3 areas?

If you would like to get some support with breaking your blocks – drop me a message and let’s have a look at them together and see what you can do to get rid of them and start to live the passion driven life you desire.