» People are meaning making machines

Someone looks at me at the street and I’m thinking:

“Why is this person looking at me that way? Do I look weird? Am I wearing something strange? Do I have something on my face? What is he thinking about me?”

There is an entire conversation in our head created by one simple look by a stranger.

People are making meanings out of everything. And in the same time, each person is a center of his universe. So the meanings his makes are about him and what’s going on in his world.

When we’re walking at street, it’s not yet such a big deal when we’re actually creating meanings and assumptions. But it can be much worse when we do this with our partners, friends, families, colleagues. We can be creating completely different reality than the actual one. And we can be creating troubles, arguments & misunderstandings.

The meanings we’re creating in our heads are based on a habit. It’s a way of thinking we are use to. It’s based on some thought we’re use to. Sometimes it’s so quick that we don’t even see it as a simple thought, an assumption. But we take it as the reality. It is this way. No questions asked. Dot.

I come to work and my boss seems to be angry. He’s looking at me. In my head are already thoughts like: “What did I do wrong?, Did I do good work? , Is he going to shout at me?, Am I in trouble?”

Most probably the mood of my boss has absolutely nothing to do with me. I’m just making meanings out of his look and his way of being. And I’m making this meaning about myself, because I’m centre of my universe.

We tend do create these meanings and we are taking them as the reality.

The boss is looking at me angrily, so I made something wrong. I messed it up.

This is just a thought and conversation in your head! And this can be going on everywhere in your life.

Try to be present to your way of thinking and the assumptions and meanings you make during your day. These meanings and assumptions might be making your life harder. Just keep in mind that everyone is centre of his universe. People are dealing with their stuff and their own thoughts.

So there is a good news and a bad news.

Bad news:
It’s not all about you.

Good news:
It’s not all about you.