» Only thing we can be certain about is a change!

I can see that people in general are trying to find a certainty and stability in life. On one of my spiritual journey – at Vipassana meditation retreat – I discovered and truly experienced that the only thing I can rely on is the change.

It’s scary on one hand. But when look 2 scenarios:

#1 I am going through something super hard

If I am not happy with what’s going on. We can be sure that this will change. The situation as it is now – will for sure at some level change. So we can be happy it’s not going to last for ever.

#2 I am enjoying what I am experiencing in life right

We can be sure that the situation will change. We can be enjoying still but the circumstances will change.

Only thing we can do – is to decide how we will react to the change. We can resist it or go with a flow of it and use it to make our best out of it.

What will you chose?