» 2 steps to discover your super powers 

Knowing what you are good at is an important step in finding out what you truly want to do in life.But not only for that. Simply knowing what your strength are, is a way to a healthy confidence. Once you know what your gifts are – you can share it with world and spread it. Most of the people isn’t conscious of what their strengths and qualities are! And once they know it – they are not realising that what they have is unique. People think that everybody knows it or can do what they can.

Here is a way how to find out:

Firstly – ask your self these questions and write the answers down!
What am I good at?
What my qualities are?
Write down all what comes to your mind. Create a list of your strengths and qualities.
Ask 5 people you trust these questions
What do you think I am good at?
What one word or phase describes me best?
What do you believe to be my greatest strength?
What do you think is my greatest achievement?
What do you value most about me?
Once you get all the answers, put down all in one list. Read if. Do you believe you have these super powers? Can you see it in yourself?
Let all of it sink deep into yourself.
Keep this list somewhere visible and remind yourself your super powers. And USE them!