» Live the way you don’t regret anything you haven’t done!

Live the way you don’t regret anything you haven’t done!

Thanks to following my intuition and inner guidance I have discovered:

What I am truly passionate about and then created a passion driven business and much much much more!

I feel I am still at the beginning. Even though when I am looking back, I can see how much I have experienced and learnt.

Quick snapshot of my last 4 years ->

4years ago – living in Czech Republic 

  • Knowing I don’t want to be in Czech, working as an employee.
  • Thinking there must be more in life than 9-5 job.
  • Moving with my (in that time) boyfriend to Italy.

3years ago – Italy

  • Learning fluently Italian language.
  • Discovering what I am passionate about – connection between Body-Mind-Spirit.
  • Starting to help people to get physically in shape and create income based on my passions.
  • Diving into meditation, spirituality and how it’s connected with our body and mind.
  • Finishing long-term relationship.
  • Moving to London.

2 years ago – UK

  • Creating new home in UK.
  • Diving into personal development and self discovery.
  • Learning new skills, networking a lot.
  • Knowing I want to go deeper into myself and then – be able to help people at deep level then physical heath.
  • Wanting to leave huge city and moving to Uganda.
  • Meeting girl soul mate and accepting invitation to Uganda.

1 year ago – Uganda

  • Complete culture shock.
  • Working together with friend on personal development programs.
  • Learning to coach and help people to break their limitations and create the life they want.
  • Coaching people online on 1-2-1 bases.
  • Traveling around, discovering Uganda and getting to know local people.
  • After 9 months leaving UG and going to Greece and then to Czech.

Present – back in Czech Republic 

  • Spending one month in Greece going through deep transformational processes.
  • Coming back home.
  • Doing what I love and continue growing, learning and helping.
  • Meeting special man.
  • Having in life deep close friendships.
  • Having coaching online business and cooperating on Kannagara personal development programs and retreats.

– – – – –

And….More it yet to come

Was following my guts easy?
Not at all!!!

Was I scared and worried?
Hell yeah!!!

  • I was worried what IF……
  • What if I won’t make it.
  • What if I won’t have enough money.
  • What if……

But I didn’t get the fear and worry to stop me! Ever!

I knew I have to follow my dreams and calling.

I knew I don’t want to regret anything I haven’t done.

And that’s one of my biggest mottos.

To live the way I don’t need to regret anything I haven’t done!

It’s been quite a journey and I believe the best is yet to come!

Next blog spot with how to follow your intuition will come soon .

Till that time->
Live to the fullest so you don’t need to regret anything when looking back.